Carpets are best experienced barefoot. As all MaLiLian creations focus on touch and feel, MaLiLian carpets are a pure pleasure for their texture and haptics. Size and design vary, and adaptations of existing designs are also possible based on your desires and needs. Just let your imagination run wild.


Personal preferences and desires are as diverse as life itself. The happiness of the owner is key. Choose from the vast color scheme available and enjoy your favorite look and feel.

Three-Dimensional Shaping

All designs are maximized by hand-made accent cutting. This elaborate process turns each MaLiLian carpet into a painting materialized as a carpet.


MaLiLian carpets are manufactured at workshops specializing in small editions and premium-quality productions. Maximum care is given to each piece as they are produced one-by-one under the strict supervision of the designer. Tufting is a technology based on a hand-made process. As much as MaLiLian cares about the high-quality carpets being created, the well-being of the highly skilled workers involved in bringing these creations to life is also of great importance.

Individual / Single Piece

Each piece is created for a specific purpose and, ideally, for a specific environment, custom-designed for the lives and homes of their owners. All pieces are individually handcrafted. Slight variations and irregularities may occur, although there is a strong commitment to provide the best possible individual piece. Due to the customized handcrafting process, each piece is surely as individual as you are!